Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

What do I do if i want to return an item?

Currently due to multiple reasons all sales are final. But fear not if your item came damaged you have 1 week aka 5 buisness days from the date you received the item to email us at and after assessing the situation we will take it back. We highly recommend you scroll down and read our shipping policy it's not too long but it will help you see if your item is infact refundable or not.

My item never arrived what do i do now?

We would recommend you wait a couple buisness days for it to arrive and if it still doesn't you have 2 weeks aka 10 buisness days from the date it was suppose to arrive to email us at and we will file a report and it will be replaced in a short period of time. Though we recommend checking with your courier first as it still may just be delayed.

I want to cancel/edit the order!

This is very tricky since our team ships out orders 24/7 so email us at and provide the order number and tell us you want to return it, be quick about it please or else we can't do anything. Hopefully we will not have fullfilled your order but if its fullfilled then we are ever so sorry.

How long does my order take to arrive?

You should get an order number and the courier by which you can track the product. Usually you will recieve this via email within a short period after your order has been placed. It can take as little as 10 buisness days or as much as 20 but check your tracking for further info.

I want to be become an ambassador!

Yay!!! Go to our about us page and scroll down and read the small description of someone who we are looking for. If you think you meet the criteria email us. Please know that you must have social media presence so include links in your email.

How long will it take for customer service to respond?

Usually we respond within a couple hours to 3 buisness days

My courier says my package was delivered but I still haven’t received it, what do I do now?

Double check the address you provided us was infact correct if it was not correct unfortunately we cannot do anything about that. But if your address was the right address please contact your courier and explain your situation to them maybe it was a simple error. Unfortunately when the package was said to be 'delivered' by the courier it means our and the courier's responsibilty is completed.

I have incurred some taxes or customs duty on my product who is responsible for that?

Taxes and duties incurred by each country on imported items are the customer's responsibility. Custom fees are based on the total value of the products entering your country. Unfortunately we have no control over this and the customer will have to pay.

The item I want is out of stock?

The best thing you can do is wait or maybe check our instagram or twitter (@CoastAndes) for updates.

I received the wrong item in my order, what now?

Email us at your issue and order number and sorry about that