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Founded by Mr. Soban Faiz who resides as a philanthropist, a person who cares about the environment, and someone who understands how the average person cannot afford to purchase premium and ethical goods.

Thats why Coast Andes was born to make that fact a possibility.

Coast Andes is more than just a brand. We are a community of young minds curious at their core with the need to mark their own path and create something to last.

The Coast Andes team spends countless hours quality testing and designing our products to suit the everyday lifestyle needs of our customers but also stand out amongst as something novel, sustainable, and beautiful.

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Coast Andes started as an idea. An idea to put an end to the endless products made in sweatshops in developing nations by the fashion industry. Furthermore a pledge to stop discarding mass amounts of clothing and accessories to either preserve its price or due to the lack of storage.

Check out the sustainability section for more information on the steps we are taking to do our part for the environment.


The Coast Andes vision is to create a fully sustainable and ethical brand that people can trust. The ambassadors we are looking for are people who defy society's norms, the people who think differently, and the people who share our vision and most importantly our mission.

If you are ready to make a difference in the industry and in society then you might just be a perfect fit no matter which sex, race, or religion you are from. Diversity is our strength here at Coast Andes.

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